CamelBak Eddy+ Water Bottle

September 28, 2022

Water Bottle

You want something that’s easy to sip from while you’re driving, or you want something that encourages you to drink water throughout the day.

This bottle has an integrated straw in the lid that features a plastic bite valve to keep it sealed (something anyone who has owned a CamelBak hydration pack will be familiar with). Just bite down to open the straw and release to seal it shut. That leak-free lid makes this bottle an ideal driving companion—it fits in a cupholder and is easy to sip from while you’re keeping your eyes on the road. And if you transfer the bottle to a bag, the bite valve folds down into the lid, shielding it from too much contact with the bag’s contents.

 Water Bottle

Also, if you have daily hydration goals, there’s something about a straw that makes it easy to mindlessly consume the 20, 30, or 40 ounces of water you may have ahead of you. If this sounds like you, the Eddy+ comes in a 32-ounce size, which would be easy to fill once, plop next to your laptop, and hit your goal for the day.

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